Sep 18, 2014

Festive Fall Touches

Ever since summer turned to fall in the blink of an eye and I said farewell to lazy weekends in the pool, my sights have turned inward, to my home.
I don't think I spent more than two minutes actually looking at each room, unless you count the bathroom mirror and shower wall. Those, I stare at almost daily.

There is much to be done. Much to be organized. Much to be renovated.
But until then?
We get festive.

 A few pumpkins here, a swirly corn cob there, and all of a sudden, I am starting to embrace the cooler temps, knowing there is always a blanket close by to keep me warm.

Sep 16, 2014


I spent the weekend in a tiny tiny town of Indiana to attend a family wedding.
It was......different.

Yes, it's country.
Yes, it was in Indiana.
Yes, it wasn't what most people would consider a fancy affair.

And I will be honest, Mark and I headed into this whole ordeal with a bit of snark and judgement.
When an invite says BYOB, lawn chairs, and a can't help but be a little concerned that the word "wedding" would actually fit into the scope of events.
Seems like more of a casual backyard bbq that we had to drive nearly four hours to get to.
I don't even own flannel. Or spurs. Or a cowboy hat. Or a bolero.

Sep 14, 2014


Happy Monday loves,
I hope you are easing back into the work-week as smoothly as possible.
Our weekend was filled with a family wedding, and as sad as this is to admit, our first time away from our home and bulldogs at an overnight stay, in probably over a year.
Did I ever mention we hardly leave home? Ha, it's like we have a pile of tiny kids and no babysitter, only instead of a pile of kids, I have two bulldogs that hate most other dogs and each other most of the time, so finding spots for them can get dicey.

Anywho, I am writing today on the topic of forgiveness. And no, I won't get all Jesus with this post. It's more of just a general idea that I feel like comes upon me more easily these days. It might have something to do with me hitting my 30's and reining in the anger a tad, but I have learned two things in recent years:

Sep 11, 2014

One Year

September 13th marks the one year anniversary of moving into our fabulous big boy house.
One year of (slowly) making this house our home.
One year of what we could consider luxuries as compared to our prior home.
And what I mean by luxuries are: new, working windows that open and can be cleaned, lower utility bills because of new working windows, nicely insulated walls, no flood threats, space for our dogs to roam and explore without fear of attack.