Going off the (internet) grid

Jan 26, 2015

Hello lovely people,
After a lot of soul searching these past few weeks, I have come to the realization that my life, my goals, and my dreams are moving forward in a different, and exciting (and kind of scary) path that I originally anticipated.
Because of this, I have officially decided to let the past be the past, moving forward sans blog.
Blogging was an outlet for ranting, raving, and everything in between, while we waited for the much anticipated arrival of baby G.
And now that we know that our dreams can be fulfilled, and only fulfilled with IVF, there is no need to continue on with the blog to fill my time between bouts of hope and worry.

There is only hope now.
Mark and I sat down and came up with a "five year plan" if you will. Sort of like what you're supposed to do with your career, only this is for us. Our life. Our plans. Our future.

It's exciting, and bright, and we will be so extremely focused to hit each milestone.
Yes, it includes a baby.
But it will also include house projects, and a few other things that will only enhance our life for the better.

It's about me, with my husband by my side, and a few furry babes at our feet, for now.

Life is exciting. We have things to look forward to and achieve.

And while the blog will cease to exist, I will still be here and there on instagram.
My new handle is tgendooza
Follow me there for random updates in the years to come.

Thank you so very much for reading and continuing along with our journey.

If you ever want to send a email, you can do so at tgendusa83@gmail.com

It's been a blast!

It's a process

Jan 23, 2015

Happy Friday loves,
First, I wanted to thank all of the lovely people in my life who have graciously donated their hard earned dollars to help us achieve our dreams of becoming parents.
I never, in my wildest dreams, ever thought we would have to go the route of IVF because of a genetic disorder. Hell, I never thought we would have to go through IVF, but yet, here we are.

The website, for those interested in reading, is gofundme.com/OurIVFbaby.
There is also a link in my sidebar.

It is just amazing, and humbling, to see our friends and family (and friends I have never actually met in real life) want to step in and help. I no longer feel like I am bearing the burden of this journey by myself, and instead, those around me are willing to connect and support us.
I guess we kind of always felt like we shouldn't let others in, that we should keep this more of a private struggle. I think a lot of people do; silently struggle with major issues in theirs lives, for fear that others will judge them for not having everything worked out, that they are a little damaged.
Something this big in my life can't be hidden. It's the reason we have to save money, and make smart decisions, and plan and budget...and most of all....hope.
Hope that it is all worth it and the outcome with our treatments will be what we want; a beautiful, healthy baby that will thrive in this world.

A match made in genetic hell

Jan 19, 2015

Just when we thought there couldn't possibly be more developments to our TTC journey, we were hit with another.....rather remarkably large....curveball.

I got my genetic results back.
Mark and I are BOTH carriers of MCAD.
I am thinking we should go buy lottery tickets considering the odds of this happening.

Now, apparently since we are both of Northern European descent (who knew?) it is rather common to be a carrier.
1 in 70, actually.
That's like putting 140 people in a room and picking us both to have a mutation.
I always knew we were perfect for each other but this is on a whole other level.
Unfortunately, it's not a good level.

Four more cycles

Jan 15, 2015

The Sheryl Crow lyrics "everyday is a winding road" seem to sum up our current TTC situation.
Every day is different.
Every day is a new development in the grand plan.
Every day has a new set of strides or disappointments.

And sometimes all of that happens in one day.