Bathroom: The Reveal

Nov 26, 2014

You guys.
It's finally really, really REALLY done!

The past month I literally only left my house to go to work or home improvement stores.
I haven't seen or talked to friends or family since Halloween.
My mom called worried that I had fallen off the face of the earth.
I did kind of...or more like, down the sewage drain of our bathroom toilet (not really).

Anyways, I am FINALLY proud to say it's done and we are THRILLED.
Like, fill up the bath with champagne and slosh around thrilled.
Sit on the ground and stare at the sparky chandelier thrilled.
Walk past the room four hundred times a night and smile like a child on Christmas thrilled.
You get the idea.

Let's take a quick lil' walk down memory lane at the before, or, as I like to call it, the reason we almost didn't purchase the house because I cried like a baby and scared the realtor when we walked into this room:

And this is the "look" we were headed in:

And THIS, my the final product....ENJOY!!


Nov 21, 2014

I wasn't sure I was going to keep giving updates constantly about my incessant lack of bebe, but here goes. Because, hey, if I feel the need to scour Google for hours trying to find answers or stories to relate to, then maybe someone will find this blog looking for the exact same thing.

So, progesterone.
We all know that my number is lower.

And we also know that I did three unsuccessful rounds of Clomid.
And that I switched doctors.
And with this new doctor came almost the same answers, although spoken more eloquently.
Words shot out of her mouth like IUI, and IVF, and fertility center, and a bunch of other fun ones.
But I'm not ready to take that leap yet.
I don't know if I ever will be.
In my gut, I just know that although Mark and I don't have stellar grades on any of our fertility report cards, at the same time, it's not impossible.

She suggested, and I agreed, to try a few more rounds of basic medication before even considering something more invasive.

Accidental nudie selfie

Nov 19, 2014

So you know when you are trying to show off your newly installed tile, after you may or may not had a tall glass of wine and are sitting in a tub of gloriously hot water when it's exactly 8 degrees outside?

And you say to yourself, "self, we should take a photo of this tile and upload that shit to Instagram."
So you take that photo and add a fun filter and upload it.
And then you also text that photo to your mom.
And you get a bunch of likes and all is right with the world.


Nov 14, 2014

I spoke too soon regarding the contractors flaking out on us.
Tuesday afternoon after I wrote all about how they decided last minute to show up and we got a new bidder in place, I got the reply text.
And, since both their quote and the second bid came in at exactly the same price, we chose to stick with the original contractors.

Wednesday night Mark and I finished some last minute layout items including vanity mirror placement, and sconce positioning.

Thursday morning I left for work while Mark stayed home to meet the guys.
By the time I came home, they were finishing up their last hour of work.
Granted, a few hours of Day 1 included buying cement board and other materials, so the progress isn't fabulous based on the photos, but I can assure you they made good strides.